Teaching is my freelance job. I’ve taught >100 hours so far – a mixture of core modules, guest lectures, and dissertation supervision.

Below are some testimonials from university tutors and students. If you’d like to hire me to teach your students, do get in touch.

Testimonials from university tutors

I think Todd’s first experience of teaching in HE was with us at Regent’s University, he was brought in at short notice to deliver a niche module called Using Emerging Technologies which looks at how modern media is used to enhance existing formats and develop new ones. The module took place over 12 weeks and consisted of 60 hours classroom time plus planning and marking, a real commitment on top of a busy day job. Despite the task not being easy Todd made it look easy, the module had never been taught before and he brought his experience from industry directly into the classroom which provided the  students with real ‘industry intelligence’, that direct working experience within an educational context. Observing Todd at work I could not believe that he had never taught before as he was professional and in control, varying class exercises and making them fully interactive. The student response was amongst the best for any teacher, they continue to ask when he is able to come back; in fact we were lucky that he was able to find time to mentor a number of final year projects and dissertations at the personal request of the students. Todd makes for a fantastic teacher, his work and knowledge is current so he can relate to students without losing authority in the classroom, a rare skill.

– Dr. Tristan Tull, Regent’s University London

Todd is a regular guest lecturer in my module Media Landscapes at Loughborough University, where we combine academic and professional/practitioner knowledge. His talks always receive the highest praise from students, because Todd presents them with up-to-date, brand new and future developments in TV and gaming. Students, as a result, feel very much in the loop. In addition, he organises and presents his material in a clear way, combining great pedagogy with personal enthusiasm. For sure a winning combination!

– Liesbet van Zoonen, Professor of Communication and Media Studies, Loughborough University and Professor of Popular Culture, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Todd is a highly engaging instructor who conveys that rare blend of subject expertise and practical industry experience in his lectures. Todd works on projects that I consider to be at the bleeding edge of interactive media and he draws on his commercial work to keep his teaching relevant and exciting.  I have engaged Todd as a guest lecturer a number of times on my MA media courses, and will definitely call on him in the future.

– Dr. Kris Erickson, Glasgow University

Todd has delivered guest lectures on Bournemouth University’s MBA programme, and on our Creative Media Leadership programme – which is run collaboratively with Creative Skillset. To my mind Todd is a natural when it comes to developing student’s educational learning. He is thoughtful, inquisitive and has a real passion for his subject.

– Dr. John Oliver, Associate Professor (Media School), Bournemouth University

Todd contributed a class on two-screen TV to our Goldsmiths Cross-Platform & Social Media MA. His rare combination of hands-on industry experience, a keen analytic understanding and a genuine enthusiasm for teaching was much appreciated by our MA group.

– Mike Flood Page, Department of Media and Communications, Goldsmiths, University of London

Testimonials from students 

Todd teaches in a way that I have not experienced before. He uses contemporary methods to make rather complex concepts very understandable. His great engagement in whatever topic he choses to lecture about, motivated me as a student to stay engaged and interested. He has a great mix of knowledge ranging from classical academia to a huge amount of knowledge in current areas, and taught me a great deal about modern media and how to make use of it. His easygoing yet very informative nature, makes it a great learning experience when having Todd as either a lecturer or tutor.

– Leander, 3rd year student

I’m a third year film student and Todd was one of my lecturers and tutors. From Todd’s lessons I gained lots of valuable knowledge. Todd works very hard informing each student and if one student doesn’t quite get the point he would break it down so that student would get it. Todd is very informative and easygoing, in a positive way. As tutor Todd was simply the best because he would break down the subject and provide all the valuable points. As tutor and lecturer Todd wants nothing but the best for his students and we all appreciated Todd.

– Abdi, 3rd year student

Todd taught us a lot of useful concepts about social media and online business tools that I’m still using to this day. He has experience with creating interesting community projects in his free time and he encourages us to do the same using the skills that he incorporated in his teaching.

– Alicia, 3rd year student

Todd is very relaxed and engaging in lesson. He uses our interests in the lesson to make it more appealing. He is very friendly to speak to during class and outside of class. You always look forward to his lessons and what he is going to teach us. A lot of the things he has taught us in lessons I am still using today with my music career and business. Still today he is helping me out. You see him more as a friend than a teacher.

– Alex, 3rd year student

In my 5 years of studying at university in two different subjects Film and Television Production at Regents University London and Information Technology and Queen Mary University London I have sat through many different lecturers’ modules. Todd’s teaching style is very interactive and he can adapt to how the students are finding each lecture as his knowledge is so in depth and vast. I am still using the things I learnt from Todd today not only in university work but also in outside work that is in no way related to my degree. In the lectures Todd makes every student feel very relaxed and more like a colleague than a student. Every piece of information given is always backed up with how it is used in a real-life situation from his vast experience in the industry which always makes the facts easier to understand and relate to. Todd was also my tutor for my dissertation in which he was a great help in finding me very useful primary sources as well as setting regular deadlines to make sure I was progressing throughout the semester, with very helpful tips in writing long academic pieces thanks to his previous experiences of which I had none. Todd would also make extra time for any students that needed help and for this every student you speak to would say that Todd is one of the best lecturers around.

– Marcus, 3rd year student

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