I am available for freelance teaching. You can get in touch via the contact page.

Why ask me to come and teach for you?

I’ve spent the past eight years working at the cutting edge in games and TV – first at FremantleMedia (The X Factor, Got Talent, Idol, The Apprentice), and now at King (makers of Candy Crush Saga; I work on Farm Heroes Saga and Pepper Panic Saga).

I have plenty of teaching experience – over 100 hours of class teaching, lecturing, and one-to-one supervision.

And I enjoy teaching! That’s pretty important too.

What experience do I have?

In Q4 2013 I did three guest lectures – for Bournemouth, Loughborough, and Regent’s – in Q1 2014 I’m at Goldsmiths.

I have also been supervising three third-year media students’ dissertations.

In 2012 I did a lot of teaching – 60 hours’ teaching a group of second-year undergraduates at Regent’s University London, plus 5 other talks at the universities of Bournemouth, Goldsmiths and Loughborough.

I wrote, delivered, and marked the entire module for Regent’s.

The full list of talks and classes is below.

What do the students say?

In the end of year tutor assessments from my Regent’s class, the students gave me the highest marks of any of the tutors in the Media School. Full feedback scores are available on request.

And I’ve had some kind personal feedback, such as this, from one of my students at Regent’s:

Just to let you know, your lessons have been the most useful of all to me. I’m working now as an online marketing consultant for a small Spanish company and most of what I have to do is related to the course (I go back to my notes a lot). Thank you very much for your classes, they were great!

Full list of talks and classes taught to date

Talks / Lectures

How interactivity affects IP models in traditional and interactive TV shows (Bournemouth, 14.01.12.)

The practical implications of interactivity (Bournemouth 18.05.12. and 10.11.12.)

Five things you should know about two-screen TV (Goldsmiths, 06.10.12.)

Five ways the internet is changing entertainment (Loughborough, 09.10.12.)

How Data Can Make You More Creative (Regent’s, 16.10.13.)

The Biggest Problem In TV: Split Attention (Loughborough, 22.10.13.)

Four Perspectives On IP In Interactive TV (Bournemouth, 16.11.13.)

Classes (Regent’s College, Sept-Dec 2012)

Viva la revolución! What’s different about content on the internet?

Social media’s effect on TV? + The funnel: acquisition, retention, and monetisation

Hola, es Gremal! 4 different types of digital brand extensions

Case study: The X Factor’s digital ecosystem

10 trends in digital brand extensions

Level up! 5 things TV can learn from games

Project post-mortem: Scoreboard

Author vs. Audience

Family Feud: how digital can boost TV ratings

Can I really say that? Issues in digital ethics

Group projects kick-off: building a digital brand

How to build a website

Building an audience on social media: Origins

Building an audience on social media: Reloaded

01100100 01100001 01110100 01100001: What do we do with all this data?

Fail fast: iteration and creative destruction

Your laptop is a factory: what happens when everyone can be a creator?

Influencing the influencers

Pay the man: how to advertise on the internet

Group demos + group tutorials

Making web originals

Word travels fast: the making of a viral hit

How to get paid: earning money from content on the internet

Module redux: what have we covered, and what happens next?

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