Top 5 posts of 2013 on

Since launching this blog in the summer I’ve written 18 posts, had around 1000 pageviews, given three guest lectures, and supervised three final-year dissertations. Here are the top five posts so far: A typology for interactivity in TV What is B? Programmes as Platforms The strange case of Newbury and Maidenhead #DoctorWho and the Norwegian […]

Slides: Programmes as Platforms: How to Understand IP in Interactive TV

Slides from a talk I did for Bournemouth University’s Media School last weekend. This talk is based on a paper I co-wrote with Dr Kris Erickson of Glasgow University. We first presented it at the European Media Management Association conference in June. Questions welcome (use the Contact page). Enjoy! Programmes as Platforms: How to understand […]

#DoctorWho and The Norwegian Texters

Espen Ytreberg reports an interview with a Norwegian TV viewer who was describing the experience of sending an SMS and seeing it appear on the TV. Interviewee: It’s great fun… You get that return message, ’Your message will be screened within so and so long’, right? That’s a real kick, you have to try it too. […]