One screen bad, two screens good?

Interactive applications are often evaluated by scholars according to just how interactive they are. Applications are positioned on a scale: it is seen to be better when there are more opportunities for the audience to interact, and better still when those interactions have more power to change the media product with which the interactions are occurring. […]

Slides: Programmes as Platforms: How to Understand IP in Interactive TV

Slides from a talk I did for Bournemouth University’s Media School last weekend. This talk is based on a paper I co-wrote with Dr Kris Erickson of Glasgow University. We first presented it at the European Media Management Association conference in June. Questions welcome (use the Contact page). Enjoy! Programmes as Platforms: How to understand […]

The Biggest Problem In TV: Split Attention (slides)

Two talks in a week! Went to Loughborough University yesterday to give a talk to 1st year undergrads + MA students about companion apps for TV shows. Lots of (hopefully) handy frameworks + examples in there. Someone on Twitter picked this one out earlier: Here’s the full deck. Questions welcome. T The Biggest Problem In […]

A typology for interactivity in TV

Academics have offered a wide range of definitions of interactivity (Kiousis 2002). I prefer to follow the lead of Cover (2006, p.140) in defining interactivity as occurring when Content is affected, resequenced, altered, customized or renarrated in the interactive process of audiencehood. So an interactive show is defined as one in which the audience directly […]

Programmes as platforms

This post proposes a new approach to understanding how interactivity changes traditional models of TV production. It can be summarised simply: programmes as platforms. A platform is a space into which consumers are invited, where their contributions are solicited and facilitated, and in which collaborative creations can be undertaken for the mutual benefit of the platform […]

#DoctorWho and The Norwegian Texters

Espen Ytreberg reports an interview with a Norwegian TV viewer who was describing the experience of sending an SMS and seeing it appear on the TV. Interviewee: It’s great fun… You get that return message, ’Your message will be screened within so and so long’, right? That’s a real kick, you have to try it too. […]