Why Media Studies?

From William Merrin, via David Gauntlett: The discussion of digital media is happening everywhere today – among the public, commentators, the media, the government and within nearly every other academic discipline… [Media Studies] has the potential to be one of the most important subject areas going into the 21st century, at the forefront of debates […]

One screen bad, two screens good?

Interactive applications are often evaluated by scholars according to just how interactive they are. Applications are positioned on a scale: it is seen to be better when there are more opportunities for the audience to interact, and better still when those interactions have more power to change the media product with which the interactions are occurring. […]

Top 5 posts of 2013 on mediademicblog.com

Since launching this blog in the summer I’ve written 18 posts, had around 1000 pageviews, given three guest lectures, and supervised three final-year dissertations. Here are the top five posts so far: A typology for interactivity in TV What is B? Programmes as Platforms The strange case of Newbury and Maidenhead #DoctorWho and the Norwegian […]

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in binary any more

As social networks grow up, they grow acne and facial hair. But they also start to mature, and to become more complicated. Analysts that are unaware of those changes risk missing out on some of the subtleties. danah boyd’s ‘None of this is real’ describes what Garde-Hansen calls “the binary logic of computer culture” expressed […]

Slides: Programmes as Platforms: How to Understand IP in Interactive TV

Slides from a talk I did for Bournemouth University’s Media School last weekend. This talk is based on a paper I co-wrote with Dr Kris Erickson of Glasgow University. We first presented it at the European Media Management Association conference in June. Questions welcome (use the Contact page). Enjoy! Programmes as Platforms: How to understand […]

The Biggest Problem In TV: Split Attention (slides)

Two talks in a week! Went to Loughborough University yesterday to give a talk to 1st year undergrads + MA students about companion apps for TV shows. Lots of (hopefully) handy frameworks + examples in there. Someone on Twitter picked this one out earlier: Here’s the full deck. Questions welcome. T The Biggest Problem In […]